Would your decision-makers across the organisation benefit from having all critical business information integrated in one place?


Hypergene Municipality delivers integrated system support for strategy, planning, implementation and monitoring, giving municipalities a grasp of the entire Performance Management process for decision-makers at all levels.

Everyone can quickly gain a clear view of the operations relevant to their role. Financials, KPIs, targets and other operational information can be presented, analysed and followed up at overall or detail levels. Whether you choose a comprehensive solution or selected modules, operational control will be significantly enhanced.

Hypergene Municipality complements your existing business systems and makes the information within them more accessible. Hypergene captures information automatically and compiles and presents it in a clear and understandable way.

As well as facilitating overview and analysis, Hypergene also makes it easier to create updated and quality-assured KPIs for operations. Hypergene Municipality is a powerful tool for the continuous development of your Performance Management.

Why Choose Hypergene Municipality?

  • Proven applications with preconfigured integration to business systems.
  • More than 50 municipalities are participating in the ongoing development process and benefiting from the results. Implementation is carried out according to a quality-assured methodology, for a fixed fee, with clearly specified content, to generate rapid operational benefits.
  • Facilitates, streamlines and saves time for managers.
  • A tool for managing quality-enhancing actions.
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