Hypergene for Higher Education Institutions

Do you spend significant time on structuring and distributing templates, capturing, compiling, and sharing planning and risk information? Are you struggling with combining top-level governance with organisational independence throughout the strategic planning and risk management processes within your organisation? Do you strive to more easily involve and engage decision-makers throughout your organisation in the planning and risk management processes?

With Hypergene, planning excellence and pro-active risk control is made easy. Hypergene allows you to apply an agile, digital approach to strategic planning and risk management – ensuring operational efficiency, increased involvement and greater commitment amongst decision-makers, and improved quality throughout the process. With Hypergene, your organisation is empowered to plan with efficiency and equipped to execute on defined plans while navigating an environment of uncertainty.

Strategic Planning

A structured and well-connected approach is vital for ensuring efficiency throughout the strategic and operational planning processes. Equally important, flexible – yet structured – systems support is critical for capturing, processing and sharing information. Hypergene provides best-in-class digital support for strategic and operational planning – specifically tailored for higher education and research institutions. 

Hypergene allows you to define your strategic plans, set the goals and share tasks and activities throughout the organisation. Progress and performance can be tracked in relation to the defined KPIs, allowing you to act instantly on any deviations. Strategic planning seamlessly interlaces with risk management – ensuring you can combine strategic perspectives with risk and mitigation management. With Hypergene for Strategic Planning, you can:

  • Transform a manual and time-consuming process into a lean, efficient, digital process
  • Eliminate the double-entry of data and reduce the administrative burden throughout the organisation
  • Ensure involvement in the planning process while balancing top-level governance with the degree of flexibility needed at faculty and department level
  • Continuously track progress in reference to goals, targets, and defined activities


With Hypergene, your organisation can enhance the risk management and risk mitigation processes. Risks can be identified, classified and tracked organisation-wide, by faculty, school, and department. Risk scores and mitigation activities can be monitored by type, by organisational unit or in a portfolio context. In addition, comparison and trend analyses can be conducted to track how risks develop over time and how mitigation plans affect risk metrics and scores.

Hypergene ensures a well-structured, proactive approach to the risk management process – allowing plans to be shared across the organisation - yet allowing risk models and items to be tailored to match the needs of the different faculties and departments. Hypergene for Risk Management allows you to:

  • Improve quality throughout the risk management process
  • Support the risk capture and mitigation definition processes through a shared, digital tool
  • Encourage collaboration across the organisation and track how risks evolve over time


Hypergene Management Reporting allows the organisation to manage recurring reporting in a lean and efficient way. Utilising Management Reporting, reporting templates for management and operational reporting purposes can be easily defined, any type of content to the templates can be added, and reports using the embedded workflow capabilities can be shared. Hypergene Management Reporting allows your organisation to revitalise the reporting process – you save time and improve quality!

Hypergene Management Reporting allows you to:

  • Enhance recurring reporting processes by relying on a template –based, workflow-empowered reporting engine
  • Ensure decision-makers and stakeholders are proactively supplied with the information they need
  • Redefine the reporting experience by using an integrated digital tool 


KPIs and Performance Metrics can be tracked and analysed in relation to strategic objectives and targets as well as in relation to risk and mitigation plans. All types of KPIs can be integrated from source systems or updated though MS Excel import. This allows you to:

  • Track performance in relation to targets at any organisational level
  • Share performance information across the organisation
  • Ensure a tight connection between plans, activities and results


Hypergene allows organisations to streamline their strategic planning processes, identify and mitigate risks, and benefit from advanced analytics and excellent management reporting capabilities. Our solution can be accessed through a fully role-based web portal, empowering decision-makers to access relevant and up-to-date information instantly through one single point of entry. The solution can be deployed through the cloud or implemented on site.

Hypergene can be run stand-alone or be tightly integrated with existing core solutions or databases. Hypergene empowers you to:

  • Apply a fully digital, yet agile approach to strategic planning, risk management, and reporting
  • Improve process efficiency and enhance data quality
  • Ensure participation and collaboration throughout the organisation
  • Ensure alignment with defined plans

Peter Glans

Business Manager Higher Education

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