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Proactive and decentralised decision-making is key to enabling better performance in changing business environments. With information volumes growing and critical data spread across multiple and often disconnected business systems, it is increasingly important to give decision-makers easy access to cohesive, relevant and reliable information.

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Hypergene provides easy and intuitive access to role-based information – making it easy for decision-makers to track trends, spot deviations and make well-informed decisions. Information is smoothly integrated from relevant source business systems used in the organisation, and it’s easy to compare actuals with plans, budgets and forecast data captured directly in Hypergene.

Role-Based Information through Informative Dashboards

Information from multiple source systems within the organisation can be easily shared through role-based dashboards and portals, ensuring your people have access to coherent, relevant and up-to-date information from many sources in one combined view. Hypergene offers extensive options for tailoring your dashboard to match your needs – combining KPI-related trend and status information with detailed financial or operational performance data.

Information related to Strategic Planning initiatives can also be shared in the same dashboard. Hypergene dashboards provide the holistic insight you need for efficient decision-making today and tomorrow.

Everyone is more involved now. The managers are on board and create a business plan for their area of responsibility and can in turn engage colleagues and employees in their organisation.
Pernilla Frödén på Stena Fastigheter. Pernilla Frödén, IT Business Developer at Stena Fastigheter

Financial Control

Hypergene gives finance departments and decision-makers with P&L responsibilities the information they need to ensure financial control and insight. Dynamic and flexible reports support analysis of financial information at an overall level and in depth – enabling you to track actual outcomes in relation to plans, spot deviations and drill down to investigate the causes of deviations.

Operational Insight – Business Intelligence

Operational and business-related data can be easily captured from source systems and presented in flexible reports and analytical views. Extensive visual and charting capabilities give you easy and intuitive ways to share information with busy decision-makers and subject-matter experts.

Automated Report Distribution

Hypergene Performance Reporting gives you a smooth and easy way to compile and share recurring reports with decision-makers through workflows with a high degree of automation.

Hypergene empowers decision-makers through easy access to joint and role-based information – from any data source within the organisation.

A Selection of Hypergene’s Capabilities:

  • Financial Reporting
    - Profit and loss reports
    - Balance statements
    - Cashflow statements
  • Role-based dashboards
  • Operational reports
    - Workforce reports
    - Project reports
    - Other operational reports
  • Trend analysis
  • Visualisations, charts and diagrams
  • Drill-down

Example Applications:

  • KPI Analysis
  • Performance Reporting
  • Profitability Modeling
  • Operational Analysis
  • Operational Monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Cash Flow Modeling
  • Consolidation
  • Business Intelligence
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