Hypergene and the City of Stockholm achieves a milestone – thousands of managers receive powerful new budgeting and forecasting tool

After a period of intensive work, Hypergene and the City of Stockholm have reached their goal. An advanced system for budgeting and forecasting now enables 3,000 managers and project leaders to make informed and well-founded decisions. The City of Stockholm benefits from significantly more modern and efficient processes with the new system.

“This is a major advancement for the City of Stockholm and an excellent example of digitalization. We are now more transparent and can work in a more coordinated way. The new, simplified approach provides us with better analytical capabilities,” says Fredrik Jurdell, City Manager of the City of Stockholm.

The City of Stockholm required a more integrated and digitalised solution for its budgeting and forecasting management. Previously, the city’s managers worked with several different systems and many manual processes. The choice fell on Hypergene to provide a unified and robust tool to improve collaboration and increase transparency.

“I am proud that we are contributing to the transformation that is taking place and doing so in such a large organisation as the City of Stockholm. Moreover, delivering on time and within budget is crucial. This has worked very well, thanks to an excellent collaboration with the City,” says Urban Bucht, CEO of Hypergene.

The collaboration between Hypergene and the City of Stockholm has included a series of extensive workshops and training sessions to ensure that employees from various departments can learn and understand the new system.

Christer Dennemark has been the main project leader for the City of Stockholm. “We conducted a thorough needs and requirements assessment beforehand. We now have the system in place and are well on our way to our goals. Hypergene has worked with around 80 other municipalities, so the system is well established, meaning the company has plenty of experience,” he says.

All city district administrations, specialist administrations, and participating companies such as Stockholm Vatten och Avfall and Stockholms Hamnar will have direct access to the system. It provides a range of valuable key functions that facilitate work, primarily for the city’s managers and project leaders.

“This is a partial victory. We have a significant journey ahead of us with many opportunities to achieve more in the coming years. We will be even prouder, whether it is in one year or four, to still have the City of Stockholm as a satisfied customer,” says Urban Bucht.

The new budgeting and forecasting tool, now in place, delivers, among other things:

  • Common and digitalised ways of working that reduce vulnerability and dependency on individual persons. It ensures that everyone works with the same data, reducing the risk of errors.
  • A more open and transparent budgeting process, which in turn provides better opportunities for collaboration, comparisons, and early decision-making. The City gains a clearer picture of the finances across its various operations.
  • A more user-friendly system and interface. It simplifies the process for all city managers to get started and take responsibility for finances and operations.

Urban Bucht

Urban Bucht

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