Vision and Core Values

Vision and Core Values Hypergene


In this age of globalisation, accelerating change and digitalisation, organisations need to transform their approach to planning and how they lead.

To be successful, they must surpass their competitors in manoeuvring towards their goals, navigating huge amounts of data. They must be agile when required. And they must ensure that all decisions steer them in the right direction.

Only then can organisations efficiently create high and sustainable value for customers, employees, the community, and their owners.


To show the way and set a new, higher standard for how the ambitious should work with corporate performance management.

Three Priorities for How We Think and Act

At Hypergene, we want to challenge and develop in everything we do. This applies both to our solutions and to how we are as a company and employer. We also believe in enabling change through courage and cooperation – daring to try new ways with each other’s support.

This mindset has helped us build a company where we genuinely care about each other and our customers. A company that has been growing strongly for many years. Our approach is encapsulated in our three core values, which guide us and characterise us as a company.

We benefit from each other’s skills, personalities, and ways of thinking. Diversity and helpfulness are crucial to our success, as is proactively sharing our time, energy, and experience. We work towards common goals and enable each other, and our customers, to succeed.

We are continuously changing and looking for new ways to develop our company and our solutions – as well our customers and ourselves as individuals. We therefore challenge each other to grow and to outshine our competition. Learning and thinking in new ways are vital and natural aspects of our everyday work.

We are innovative and seek the smartest ways forward. We move fast – guided by a plan but never trapped by it. Being pragmatic and daring to challenge ourselves are keys to success. We strive to create value in everything, and to create win-win collaborations.

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