The IT Security Company Outpost24 Chooses Hypergenes' Cloud Solution for Planning and Follow-up

In line with its global growth, Outpost24 has seen the need for a future-proof solution for its business intelligence and performance management. After an evaluation, the choice fell to Hypergene’s cloud solution where all the company’s managers will handle their planning and follow-up work.

"We currently have offices in nine locations in Europe and the US, with 90 distributors and 2000 customers across the whole world. We see a great need that our support system can grow with us, handle many currencies and support us in processes such as budgeting, forecasting, business planning and follow-up. So the choice of Hypergene feels absolutely right,” says Jonas Alfredson, CFO at Outpost24.  

Outpost24, which was founded in 2001 in Karlskrona, is active in the field of cyber assessment. The company helps customers in most industries, including finance and insurance, public authorities, healthcare, retailing, telecom, tech and manufacturing industries.  

Urban Bucht

Urban Bucht

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