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We know Planning and Performance Management. Our knowledge, combined with the market’s best solution, means that we are in an excellent position to help improve your management processes and enhance your competitiveness.

However, the choice of solution is not the only important factor. When it comes to designing and implementing effective solutions, the level of operational understanding is equally important.


Getting New Methods to Work

Our consultants possess broad experience and are used to implementing planning processes and management models, as well as translating data into relevant, quality-assured information, presented in a way that makes it easily accessible and intelligible to the end-user.

Additionally, they possess extensive experience of change processes, which helps to safeguard the rollout and deliver strong support for new working methods and system solutions.

We work closely with our customers throughout the process, from capturing requirements and formulating needs to the delivery of the complete solution and actual customer benefit. Hypergene’s Expert Services have an exceptional level of collective experience in terms of Planning, Business Intelligence and Performance Management.

Detailed knowledge of Hypergene’s solution is combined with the experience of other applications. Some of the consultants have long experience from having worked as Operational Managers or Controllers themselves in the past, within both the public and private sectors.

In principle, all our consultants are graduate engineers, graduates in Business Administration, Systems Scientists or Software Engineers.

The Right Combination of Skills 

At Hypergene, we work in teams to safeguard quality and ensure the right combination of skills for each project and effective customer development. Our teams include: 

Business Consultants: Help you to develop your performance management. Provide support for the development of management and budget models, goals and KPIs. Help with change work and ensure solution rollout.

Solution Architects: Have the ability to transform your requirements and wishes into powerful, effective and manageable Hypergene solutions. Have overall responsibility for customers’ Hypergene solutions.

Project Managers: Manage the work involved in projects and ensure that projects stay within deadlines and budget. Our Project Managers are always on hand to help.

Application and Technology Consultants: Are experts in Hypergene’s solution and how its functionality can best be configured within areas such as reports, tables, graphic displays, dashboards and data entry. They also work on integration, your technical environment and installation of your preferred solutions.

Solution Maintenance Managers: Lead the work at the maintenance phase. Proactively increase the benefits provided by the solution going forward, in collaboration with the customer and consultants on Hypergene’s customer team.

Customer Success Managers: The customer’s Key Account Manager who deals with agreements, prices and continued cooperation. They are all experienced Account Managers and are responsible for proactively proposing developments of the customer’s Hypergene solution.

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