Budgeting & Forecasting

Agile and effective Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting is increasingly important to enable better performance in rapidly changing business environments. Planning needs to extend beyond the finance department and into the organisation to drive efficiency and realise the potential of organisation-wide Performance Management.

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Hypergene gives you an integrated and extended approach to Budgeting and Forecasting, allowing you to eliminate silos, bridge disconnected processes and synchronise planning across your organisation.

It also sets new standards for agile and continuous planning – making it easy to produce accurate budgets and forecasts, supported by self-service capabilities and a high degree of automation. Hypergene saves time, improves planning accuracy and supports better decision-making during times of change.

Extended Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Hypergene’s self-service configuration capabilities provide leading support for integrated and extended planning – from Financial Budgeting and Forecasting to Operational Planning. Now you have an easy and efficient way to capture forecasts throughout the organisation.

Hypergene’s Budgeting and Forecasting capabilities include:

  • Account-Based Financial Budgeting and Forecasting that is integrated, easy-to-configure and easy-to-use – enabling smooth capture of organisation-wide financial planning data.
  • Integrated, flexible and dynamic Driver-Based Operational Pplanning Models, such as Workforce Planning and Sales Revenue Planning, giving you an efficient way to decentralise the planning process and incorporate operational planning data into financial budgets and forecasts.
Our Controllers get more time to look ahead and support the business because their work has become more effective.
Anders NilssonAnders Nilsson, Senior Controller, Sveaskog

Dynamic Agility

Hypergene’s self-service configuration capabilities make it easy to configure and maintain various types of planning models – from annual or multi-year budgeting and forecasting models to rolling planning models. Hypergene provides the tools you need for effective, continuous and agile planning in changing business environments.

Seamless Integration

To ensure easy and efficient planning, Hypergene seamlessly integrates data from any business system containing relevant data – including core systems such as ERP, HR and Payroll. Budgeting and forecasting processes are then prepopulated with suggested planning data (basic information and planning data from previous processes), eliminating double data entry and making planning straightforward and intuitive.

Empowering your Workflow

Hypergene makes it easy to capture, review and approve planning data, supported by a powerful workflow engine. Workflows are easy to define and tasks can be automatically shared with the organisation – giving you full control and traceability.

Improving Decision-Making

Captured planning data is automatically aggregated and made available for analysis. Decision-makers can easily analyse actual outcomes in relation to budgets and forecasts, view trends and spot deviations, supporting better decisions throughout your organisation. Planning data is fully visible and available throughout the Hypergene product suite.

Hypergene makes organisation-wide budgeting and forecasting easy and efficient – empowered by automation, seamless integration and flexible self-service configuration.

A Selection of Hypergene’s Capabilities:

  • Financial Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Operational and Driver-Based Budgeting and Forecasting
    - Workforce Planning
    - Revenue Planning
    - Cashflow Planning
    - Other industry-specific planning models
  • Annual and multi-year budgeting and forecasting
  • Rolling Forecasts
  • Workflow-empowered processes
  • Version control, accrual and allocation
  • Simulation and scenario analysis
  • Self-service-empowered configuration and maintenance
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