The Swedish Defence University Chooses a Complete Solution from Hypergene

To streamline its planning and performance management, the Swedish Defence University has chosen a complete solution from Hypergene. After implementation, the new solution will be used for financial analysis, budgeting and forecasting, project planning and follow-up, and time reporting for research projects.

Until now, the Swedish Defence University has been using a self-developed tool in combination with Excel for budgeting, forecasting, planning, follow-up, and analysis processes.

Initially, 160 employees will use Hypergene, and with the Swedish Defence University, the number of customers among Nordic universities will increase. Today, over 20 universities use Hypergene for planning and performance management in areas such as management by objectives, budgeting and forecasting, financial analysis, personnel and Ladok data analysis, and calculation and follow-up of research projects.

"We are very pleased that the Swedish Defence University has chosen Hypergene and that we continue to grow within the sector in the Nordic region. In addition to looking forward to contributing to their development, we are pleased that the network of higher education institutions is becoming even stronger. This means the product continues to be developed and adapted even more to their needs. We have also seen that they benefit greatly from sharing experiences," says Urban Bucht, CEO of Hypergene.

The agreement with the Swedish Defence University is signed via a framework agreement with Crayon.

Urban Bucht

Urban Bucht

Press contact: Chief Executive Officer

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