Launch of New Packaging of Hypergene

The opportunity to create even faster customer value and an increased interest in digitalising Financial and Strategic Planning processes drive Hypergene to launch new product packages. We asked Erik Thelander, Product Director, about the news.

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Hypergene has launched new packages of its product; why?

For us, the most important thing is that our customers get significant and rapid value from using Hypergene. This includes having a solution tailored to their needs today but also being able to grow into a broader solution in the future. You should be able to start where you are and then develop the solution at your own pace.

We generally see an increased interest in digitalising Financial and Strategic Planning processes. This is an apparent effect of markets and the environment changing so quickly and so much. Organisations need to be more agile. The new packages make it easier and more efficient for more organisations to step into this critical development journey.

There are three packages; how would you describe them?

The packages are based on customer interviews and insights from many years of working with organisations of all sizes. There are two versions of what we call Essentials; one for those who want to streamline Budgeting and Forecasting and one that enables you to transform your Strategic Planning. Both are easy to implement, use, and maintain. You can also access various add-ons, such as connecting the solution to your BI system.

In addition, we have the broader solution we call Enterprise. It is for organisations that want new and better conditions to drive change and increase efficiency and quality. Enterprise includes a range of opportunities, in addition to everything that is already included in Essentials for budget and forecast.

For example, you can combine Strategic Planning with Budget and Forecast, add Driver-Based Planning models optimised for your business, various industry-optimised applications, alternative hosting environments, etc. In short, there is almost nothing we cannot solve with the Enterprise packaging.

What are the most significant advantages of the new packages?

There are several advantages for those considering streamlining their Planning and Performance Mangement. First and foremost, they are a future-proof choice. Regardless of where you start, you can develop the solution according to your needs. Additionally, you can develop further in the order you want. Many need to streamline and automate their Financial Planning and follow-up work as a first step.

Start there and then add opportunities for KPI-based target management and new internal and external reporting possibilities. All while raising the quality of your data and providing managers with new and current decision-making bases. To give a few examples.

What is the next step for Hypergene product development and packaging?

We work very closely with our customers in our development, all to ensure that we meet their current needs. In recent years, for example, we have focused heavily on self-service and e-learning to help our customers become more independent. We also continue to take advantage of all the cloud opportunities to streamline upgrades, ensure the highest security, and make the product more accessible to everyone.

Another area, of course, is machine learning and AI, where we are currently working closely with experts and also academia to keep up with the development that is taking place.

Would you like to read more about the packages? You can do so here!

10-minute video demo of Hypergenes solution: