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Has a rapid pace of change become the new normal for your business? Are you experiencing a transformation in business models? Are increasing digitalisation, competition and internationalisation changing the playing field? Finance departments and decision-makers in professional services organisations are increasingly realising the business-critical nature of proactive, agile and decentralised processes for Financial Planning, Operational Planning and analysis.

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It is easy to identify significant similarities and disparities between professional services verticals. Professional services can be sold, managed and delivered through a consulting-oriented expert/specialist model, or alternatively through delivery of solutions and projects with varying degrees of risk and complexity.

We see that many PSOs still struggle with large amounts of manual work in their operational, tactical and Strategic Planning and analysis processes, often relying on basic productivity tools such as Excel and PowerPoint. This leads to inefficiencies, significant risk of errors, and disconnected planning and Business Intelligence between organisational levels. 

Professional services is one of Hypergene's focus segments, and we help leading PSOs such as Outpost24, Forsen and Semcon implement smarter and more efficient short- and long-term Financial and Operational Planning and Business Intelligence. 

Hypergene for Professional Services is a purpose-built extended planning and analysis (xP&A) solution for professional services organisations and tech companies, such as; IT and management consultancies, audit and tax/accounting firms, law firms, architect and engineering firms, creative agencies and scientific research organisations.

The solution is preconfigured to support proactive and agile enterprise-wide planning and business intelligence for PSOs, and also includes integration connectors to the most widely used ERP and HR systems in the professional services industries (Deltek Maconomy, Unit4, Visma, etc.). In addition, the solution can be easily extended by adding customer-specific models and solution components.

Some of the Ways Hypergene Makes a Difference for Professional Services Organisations: 

  • Financial Planning and Analysis (annual, periodic and rolling models).
  • Business-focused Driver-Based Planning based on e.g. employee data, project data and Resource Planning.
  • Pervasive analysis of finance, projects, time reporting, customers, resource utilisation etc., including industry specific KPIs such as utilisation ratio, billable utilisation ratio, average hourly fee, project margin, etc.
  • Planning, forecasting and follow-up of projects (including progress evaluation based on percentage of completion and estimate at complete).
  • Short- and long-term cash planning.
  • Reporting and analysis of customer and employee surveys (customer satisfaction scores, employee engagement, etc.).
  • Support for integrated Strategic Planning, Risk Analysis, sustainability and equality initiatives, Performance Reporting and Balanced Scorecards.
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