Norwegian Lofotkraft Streamlines and Develops its Planning and Follow-up with Hypergene

Following a procurement and, in collaboration with Arribatec AS, the tech company Hypergene has been chosen as the supplier to the Norwegian energy company Lofotkraft. The deal means that Lofotkraft will have access to all of Hypergenes' products in planning, follow-up and analysis.

Functions for strategic management, project planning and follow-up as well as financial follow-up are already in operation. In addition, the solution is based on one of Norway's first integrations with the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), which is a key player in the Norwegian energy companies' planning work.

"We are very pleased to have chosen Hypergene for our planning and follow-up work. Not least, because the connection to NVE will give us new opportunities to handle the important revenue frameworks and the parameters from NVE. In the long run, we want this to form the basis for a flexible and driver-based budget and forecasting process. Hypergene and their partner Arribatec have shown great understanding of our business and we look forward to the collaboration", says Øyvind Løvdal, CFO at Lofotkraft Holding AS.

"The energy sector in Norway is very exciting and one of the areas we are focusing on", says Peter Andersson, CEO of Hypergene. "In an industry that is characterized by large investments, high environmental requirements and increased competition, the right planning tools are crucial and we are very pleased to be able to contribute to Lofotkraft's operations. In general, we are impressed by the focus on development shown by the Norwegian energy companies and can see that Hypergene can make a big difference in the industry. There is great interest and curiosity in what we are doing and we look forward to more collaborations during the coming year."

Hypergene already has a number of customers in the energy sector, including Göteborgs Energi, Växjö Energi, Västervik Energi och Miljö, and Landskrona Energi. Several of these customers in the sector have been added during the past six months.


Robin Askelöf

Chief Marketing Officer

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