Customers Talk About their Performance Management

Our clients share how their organisations managed to achieve new levels of performance and efficiency.

Henrik Svensson (2)

Oatly Talks About its Agile Driver-Based Process for Budgeting and Forecasting

"Budget owners are now more engaged and can monitor results more effectively", says Henrik Svensson, Head of Commercial Controlling, Oatly.
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Lunds universitet

Increased Budget Accuracy and Better Risk Work Structure with Hypergene

For budget and forecasting work, the introduction of Hypergene has meant that the entire organization now uses a common process.
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Andreas Frennberg Semcon

How Semcon Streamlined its Forecasting Process with Hypergene

"Their expertise is invaluable, and it makes a huge difference working with a supplier who knows their product and understands their customers. Not all suppliers do."
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Malin Jansson Volkswagen Group Sverige.

Full Insight into Vehicle Sales with Hypergene Decision Support

"In addition, we think that they have a very good system, and the Hypergene team we work with really go the extra mile to achieve the best possible results."
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OsloMet Gets a Comprehensive Solution for Business Intelligence and Performance Management

"Hypergene is an all-encompassing solution that meets our needs within business intelligence and performance management going forward."
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Maria Strandberg Kungsleden

Increased Budget Accuracy and Better Control with System Support from Hypergene

"The previous system was old, complicated and not particularly user-friendly", says Maria Strandberg, Head of Group Controlling at Kungsleden.
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Pernilla Frödén på Stena Fastigheter.

Hypergene Gives Stena Fastigheter a Comprehensive View of the Sstatus of its Property Holdings

Stena Fastigheter uses Hypergene’s solution for monitoring & analysis and performance management. The company is now able to devote more time to analysing information – and less time to compiling it – and is consequently able to be more proactive.
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Tommy Malm Eskilstuna kommun.

The Municipality of Eskilstuna has a Management Model that Clearly Connects its Vision with its People

The management model keeps the operations of the Municipality’s eight administrative boards and five corporations together.
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Porträtt på Mats Engblom på Viking Line.

Hypergene Gives Viking Line Access to Improved Decision Guidance for Procurement, Planning and Monitoring

Using Hypergene, Viking Line can monitor important parameters on board linked to sales, food and entertainment on a daily basis. The system is used to monitor performance, plan purchases and more.
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Anders Nilsson

Sveaskog Uses Hypergene as a Tool for Ongoing Monitoring and Long-Term Planning

The value of this new solution is apparent in several levels of the organisation.
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Solceller på tak

Faster Budgeting Process and Increased Involvement through Hypergene

"The results came quickly. In the same time it used to take us to create the budget, we were able to both create the budget and implement our new tool."
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Emma N Wibax

Hypergene Provides Wibax with a Cohesive System for a Better Overview

"Thanks to Hypergene, we now have an effective and user-friendly system for our strategic planning work", says Emma Nyström, CEO Assistant at Wibax.
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