A wide range of private and public sector organisations use Hypergene software. But they all have one thing in common: they have improved the planning, reporting and analysis of their operations through our solutions.

Branscher Hypergene

Our offering comprises five integrated and user-friendly modules: Strategic Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting, Analysis & Insights, Performance Reporting and KPI Tracking. Each stands on its own merits; and together, they form a comprehensive and highly effective Performance Management Solution.

A Few of the Gains Customers Have Made through Hypergene

  • Paf radically improved forecast precision with a rolling 12-month forecast.
  • TV4 made sales control and planning far easier.
  • Länsstyrelsernas operational managers gained a new grasp of their operations.
  • SSAB group management implemented comprehensive monthly reporting – fast.
  • Awapatent rapidly gained control over the finances of newly acquired entities.
  • Keolis business managers increased awareness of revenue drivers.
  • Eskilstuna Municipality's management model now connects the municipality's staff with its vision.
Customer cases

Urban Bucht

Urban Bucht

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