How Semcon Streamlined its Forecasting Process with Hypergene

The international technology company Semcon has more than 2,000 employees spread across global markets and time zones. And with a similar number of users in its IT systems, Semcon needs smart technical solutions that work together seamlessly – regardless of the time of day or the currency involved.

Their expertise is invaluable, and it makes a huge difference working with a supplier who knows their product and understands their customers. Not all suppliers do.
Andreas Frennberg SemconAndreas Frennberg, Group Business Controller


In the past, Semcon worked with budgeting and forecasting in a sophisticated Excel model. But with a large number of users working simultaneously with large amounts of data, it was difficult to ensure efficiency and keep figures up-to-date. When Semcon evaluated its traditional budgeting model, the company realised that it didn’t make a sufficient contribution to profitable and efficient business planning and control.

The company’s reality was constantly changing, and a budget produced in August was often already out of date before the end of the year. The existing Excel-based budgeting model had become too rigid; Semcon needed a flexible model that would better reflect its fast-paced digital business environment and markets.

The new solution needed to satisfy the need for more efficient forecast management. It was also vital to have the capacity to handle many users in different locations. And above all else, it had to handle very large amounts of data.

"We have operations based in Brazil, China, the UK, Hungary, Norway, Germany and Sweden. This means that we work in many time zones and with many different currencies. We can’t just have a system that is open during Swedish office hours; it needs to work around the clock. Hypergene’s solution gives us this functionality," says Andreas Frennberg, Group Business Controller, Semcon.


  • Large amounts of data and an inefficient budgeting process.
  • Widespread users in many different time zones.


Semcon chose to replace its traditional approach with a new budgeting model based on rolling forecasts combined with an annual target process.

With its new Hypergene forecasting solution, Semcon was able to eliminate manual work in Excel. The new solution was integrated with existing source systems and made it easy to reuse information such as planning, allocation and resources data.

This information now forms part of the forecasting process, which means less duplication, faster processes and higher quality. Hypergene’s solution enables users to work with automated workflows and includes many other functions that save time while ensuring that data is up-to-date. Administrators can also monitor processes directly in the system in real time.

The solution's flexibility means it can be further expanded and developed in line with Semcon's changing needs.



Other than the obvious streamlining of Semcon’s forecasting process, the implementation of the Hypergene solution has also resulted in fewer errors and more up-to-date and relevant forecasts.

The forecasting process has been shortened significantly, resulting in improved quality, more correct and up-to-date data, and higher overall process efficiency. What’s more, Semcon now has a solution that can be used in all countries and markets, with different currencies.

“The consultants at Hypergene have really helped to make this project such a success. Their expertise is invaluable, and it makes a huge difference working with a supplier who knows their product and understands their customers. Not all suppliers do. We have adopted a very agile approach to this project, which has been a major key to its success,” Andreas concludes.


  • Improved forecast quality.
  • Fewer errors.
  • Shorter forecasting process.

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