PwC Sweden Enters into a Collaboration on Risk Analysis with Hypergene

As part of its digitalization strategy and to increase the value of its Risk Analysis service, PwC Sweden has entered into a collaboration with tech company Hypergene. The collaboration is based on a standardized service from PwC Sweden for small and medium-sized owner-managed companies, combined with a cloud-based tool from Hypergene.

Through Hypergene, PwC Sweden can now offer a cloud-based tool where they and their customers can jointly perform the overriding company risk analysis. In the process, the risks are identified and assessed in order to then be able to work proactively with risk analysis and risk management.

“All companies have business risks that need to be managed in an efficient and strategic way. But it is not easy to stay up-dated on the risks the company is facing. Therefore, our Risk Analysis service has long been an important part of our customer offering. Now that we can streamline, clarify and operationalize the process using Hypergene through a secure and cloud-based product, the value of our offer increases considerably," says Gey Widengren, partner at PwC Sweden.

In collaboration with PwC Sweden, Hypergene has developed a stand-alone product for risk analysis which customers can use in their work. The process includes the identification of risks through questionnaire surveys, the assessment of risks based on probability and impact, the analysis and visualization of risk exposure, and the connection of activities to risks in a way which allows continuous follow-up over time. 

“We are extremely pleased with the collaboration with PwC and see great potential in their offer regarding risk analysis. Through our cloud service, we hope to create even greater value for PwC’s customers who will be able to work even more efficiently with their risks in the future,” says Per Hidenius, CEO of Hypergene.

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