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Do you operate in markets that require high efficiency? Is your everyday business characterised by high data volumes, different systems for various operating segments, or complex corporate structures? In this context, the right system support can enable greater efficiency and give decision-makers more time to focus on value creation.

Handel O Distribution

When navigating towards defined goals in a changing environment, decision-making needs to be fast, accurate and decentralised. Planning must be agile, connected and dynamic to optimise the use of resources.

Your solution needs to ensure integrated and efficient Performance Management during change, supporting agile planning, reporting and business insight.

  • Fast and accurate planning and empowered analysis – track performance on goals and objectives, create scenarios and advise the management team.
  • Value-adding and business critical guidance from your data.
  • Dynamic planning processes and driver-based models to capture information quickly and easily.
  • Track deviations and plan for the unexpected using scenario analysis.
  • Help decision makers understand and interpret trends and deviations, and support decision-making.
  • Self-service and analytical flexibility – explore your data.
  • Analyze information on an ad-hoc basis, add analytical content and share reports on demand.

Hypergene currently has several clients in retail and distribution, including restaurant and catering supplier Martin & Servera and gardening and agriculture retailer Granngården.

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