Three Universities Streamline Management with Hypergene

Hypergene has recently added three new universities to its client list: Örebro University, Luleå University of Technology and University of Gothenburg. The thinking in each case is that by choosing decision support from Hypergene operational efficiency can be improved and more quality-assured processes can be developed within budgeting and forecasting.

“When it came to evaluating tenderers, it was clear that Hypergene was the best option, meeting almost all our criteria. We are therefore very pleased with our decision and look forward to implementing this new solution,” says Peter Tellberg, Director of Finance at the University of Gothenburg.

The solution from Hypergene will provide support that delivers quality improvements and reduces the time spent on the universities’ budgeting and forecasting work. The time that is freed up during the budgeting process can instead be spent on developing operations.

“Our economists have previously used Excel for budgeting, forecasts and monitoring. Being a manual process it is very time-consuming and mistakes are easily made, which takes time away from the actual analysis element. In order to improve the quality of the budgeting process, we have opted to work with Hypergene, which is also a system we can expand and develop for use in other areas, such as planning, monitoring and analysis,” says Lisette Edin, Deputy Head of Professional Services at Luleå University of Technology.

As an initial step, the universities have each opted for a solution for implementation of budgets and forecasts. Luleå University of Technology and Örebro University have also procured support for operational planning, which involves formulating and communicating the institutions’ management models, complete with operational and performance targets.

“Örebro University needed to streamline its budgeting and forecast work. The procurement process identified Hypergene as the best option. Hypergene will help us to reduce the amount of work involved in validating figures, enabling us to focus more on analysing any deviations,” says Director of Finance Pia Järnkvist.

The agreements also include the option of expanding the solution to meet new demands, for example staff and service planning, or as support for funding applications for research projects, as well as project budgeting and regular monitoring of research projects.

“Our aim is to help develop both efficient processes and a system tool that, in itself, ensures greater efficiency and improved quality. For instance, managers at all levels must be able to access up-to-date and quality-assured information about their financial margin for manoeuvre in the short and long term,” says Per Hidenius, CEO of Hypergene.

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