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How to Digitalise Plans and Follow-up: “Think of it as a staircase”

Digitalisation affects all businesses. The goal is often flexibility and more efficient processes – especially as the world around us becomes increasingly unpredictable. Hypergene, with its cloud-based Planning and Performance Management Solution, is at the forefront of this development. To make the most of digitalisation, you need to take some key steps in the right order.

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Financial Management – Methods and Tools

Financial Management is the process of translating strategies and business plans into actions that will help achieve the company's financial goals. In this process, you aim to align the goals of employees with those of the company by implementing control, measurement, and follow-up.

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Motivation and Learning – Here are Five Tips to Nail the KPIs

It sounds simple: A few relevant and accurate KPIs that the team or organisation agrees on. Actions should be taken when they deviate. But reality is more complex than that. Ultimately, it is people who make the decisions and employees who take action. And there are several things to consider to ensure that speed and numbers don't take over.

Erik Thelander

Launch of New Packaging of Hypergene

The opportunity to create even faster customer value and an increased interest in digitalising Financial and Strategic Planning processes drive Hypergene to launch new product packages. We asked Erik Thelander, Product Director, about the news.

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What are Objectives and Key Results?

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is the goal-setting framework used by Google. Many see Google as an innovative and forward-thinking company, so it's interesting to take a closer look at how their model for goal-setting works. What is OKR and how does Google use goal-setting?

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Accept that the Future is Uncertain – Time to Rethink the Budget Process?

Today's approach to budgeting, monitoring, and forecasting runs the risk of not keeping up with the new demands of the world. A budget process that consumes months of the organisation's time and becomes outdated in the first quarter can cause you to lose both direction and momentum, according to two experts in the field. Here's how you should think instead.

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What is ESG and how to do it?

ESG stands for "Environmental, Social and Governance" and is a framework for a company's sustainability work, including environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and corporate governance.

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What is Balanced Scorecard?

Balanced Scorecard is a Strategic Management Tool that links a company's current actions to its long-term goals. Balanced Scorecard is one of the most recognised and popular methodologies for Business Management, but what is it and is the tool still relevant?

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What is a Decision Support system?

Decision Support is a set of methods that support decision-making through collecting, processing, and presenting data and information. This definition emphasises that people, not computers, make the decisions.

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Different Management Models and Philosophies

There are countless models for management and governance that are more or less well-known. These models often have different acronyms and have evolved and become more numerous over time. Some of them, several of which are related to each other, are briefly described below.

Hoshin Kanri Metod Process

Hoshin Kanri: Method and Process

Hoshin Kanri is a Strategic Planning process and methodology that focuses resources on achieving strategic, tactical, and operational goals. Hoshin Kanri is also known as Hoshin Planning, Policy Management, or Lean Strategy Deployment, and means "compass needle management" in direct translation from Japanese.

Business Cotrollers

Business Control - What Does a Business Controller Do?

Business Control is the work carried out by a Business Controller, and is largely about producing, analysing, and presenting relevant decision-making information for managers within an organisation.

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Quality Management and Quality Management Systems

Quality Management involves ensuring quality through the right processes to handle deviations, reduce customer dissatisfaction, and meet expectations. Systematic quality work involves systematically improving what the organisation does by managing, leading, and developing in the right way.

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Operational Planning and What a Tool Can Do

The aim of Operational Planning is to align long-term Strategic Planning and actual execution. This is largely done by steering the organisation toward certain goals. Operational Planning is therefore often closely related to Strategic Management.

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Most Important for Finance Departments: “Improve the technical conditions”

Global trends are not always visible in the finance department. But some trends have a precise impact. The budgets of Swedish finance departments are changing – not least when it comes to digitalisation. So, which trends do CFOs and controllers need to monitor? And which steps towards change should you take today?

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What is Corporate Performance Management?

Corporate Performance Management includes all the actions taken by management at different levels to achieve a particular result. This includes leading, managing, and developing your business to ensure your resources are used as effectively as possible in achieving your goals. Management can be viewed as a cycle with three components: Planning, implementation, and monitoring.

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Five Steps to Better Decisions and More Flexible Management

Management is about making decisions at different levels in an organisation, and translating these decisions into actions that lead the business forward.

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What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic Planning forms the basis for setting goals and priorities, and for ensuring that an organisation’s plans are going in the right direction. When the plans of different departments are unified and in line with the overall goals, the company has established a common direction.


How is the Controller Function Affected by Digitalisation?

Professor Lukas Goretzki at the Stockholm School of Economics, is researching this question, since the Controller Function is certainly affected to a significant extent. ”The only constant in the Controller Function is change,” Goretzki says.

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What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) is an umbrella term that refers to data-driven methods and processes for improving business understanding and decision-making.

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Five Questions on Decision Support for Higher Education Institutions

Planning to invest in a decision support system for a university or college? Here are some tips for what to think about and how to avoid common pitfalls.


A Comprehensive Solution or "Best-of-Breed" Software?

Organisations often ask us about about application strategies. For example, is it smarter to choose a comprehensive solution from one supplier, or to integrate several specialised solutions from different suppliers?

Finansiell scenarioplanering via verktyg

Financial Scenario Planning and the Budgeting Process

In a fast-changing business environment, companies and organizations need to be able to quickly monitor their financial situation and make changes in their plans going forward.

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