Business Intelligence and Performance Management as it should be

Hypergene transforms how organisations plan, control and follow up on operations – and thus sharpens their competitiveness.

Hypergene in brief

We deliver a complete solution for business intelligence and performance management. By that, we mean a solution for planning, reporting and analysis that can improve your overall performance and efficiency. You can choose selected elements or opt for a comprehensive solution.

Hypergene can help you streamline your budget and forecasting processes, follow up on operations using advanced analysis and reporting functionality, and work with strategic management in a manner that breaks down overall plans into goals, KPIs and activities throughout the organisation.

The solution is based on a powerful platform that enables automated workflows, integrations and role-based portals – and provides a cohesive kit for the presentation and distribution of information from all components of the solution.

We are a growing tech company with a focus on software that makes a difference for our customers, who include ATG, Viking Line, Kungsleden, SSAB and TV4. We also work with a number of Swedish public authorities, all of Sweden’s county administrative boards, and approximately 80 Swedish municipalities.

We are committed to enabling better performance for your business.

From our customer survey 2021:

94% of our customers say that Hypergene puts them in a better position to make decisions.
92% say that Hypergene gives them more efficient planning and follow-up processes.

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