Project Portfolio Management

With Hypergene Projects, you ensure that you carry out the right projects. A consolidated and unified view of all projects, distributed in portfolios or programs, is a success factor for smart prioritisation, insights into progress and risks. With Hypergene Projects, the entire business, project office, administrators, and management can ensure helicopter control over ongoing and planned projects. This provides the opportunity to make wise decisions about prioritisation, resource reallocation, or even parking projects.

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Projects can be easily grouped into programs or portfolios and then analysed collectively or individually. Furthermore, resources, key figures, performance, or deviations can be reviewed according to the same structure. Portfolio Management also provides support for simulations.

This allows decision-makers to analyse the effect of reprioritisations, reallocation of resources, and other scenarios. When analysing portfolios and programs, users can easily drill down into selected projects, underlying activities, and allocated resources.

Portfolio Management includes the following features:

Manage Portfolios and Programs

  • Easy grouping of projects into portfolios or programs (drag & drop).
  • Definition of program-wide properties - risks, Key Performance Indicators, etc.
  • Common management of program-wide schedules, etc.
  • Analysis of project portfolios and programs.
  • Visualization of programs and portfolios in GANTT charts and dashboards.
  • Overview of overall milestones, etc.

Simulate and Analyze

  • Simulation of scenarios at the portfolio and program level.
  • Replanning of projects within the portfolio.
  • Re-allocation of resources within the portfolio.
  • Conflict Management around resources and competences within the portfolio.
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