Hypergene Projects

Hypergene Projects encompasses synergistic modules for project, portfolio, and resource management. It is a comprehensive, integrated, and user-friendly tool for roles such as Project Portfolio Managers, program and project managers, and resource owners throughout the organisation.

Blue Ant Hypergene

Through Hypergene Projects, the organisation can streamline Project Management, ensure balanced project portfolios, manage and optimise resource planning within projects, as well as map resource and competency needs relative to planned and ongoing projects.

The solution provides role-based access to the information and tasks relevant to the user. Through digitalised and automated workflows, effective collaboration is ensured between project managers, project administrators, project participants, and managers within the business.

Hypergene Projects is used by more than 300 companies and organisations in many different industries.

The solution includes three interacting modules/functional areas - Project Management, Resource Planning, and Portfolio Management. Together, they create the conditions for the right projects to be executed - in the right way.

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