Project Management

Hypergene Projects provides the support the business needs to manage projects properly. Managing the business's projects on a coherent and shared platform creates conditions for increased efficiency and improved control. Seamless integration between project administrative planning functions and resource planning ensures that all perspectives and stakeholders work together - throughout the project lifecycle.

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Hypergene Projects provides Project Managers, Project Administrators, and project members with a comprehensive view of all relevant project information - in real-time and without the need for separate tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Project Managers and administrators smoothly manage planning, budgeting, project reporting and any risk management simultaneously - with direct validation of reported data. Up-to-date key figures are generated  for customers, control, and management using clear reports. This significantly reduces administrative effort.

Project Management includes the following features:

Create and Plan

  • Smooth creation of projects via standard templates.
  • Support for classic project models, agile models, and hybrid models.
  • Smart and easy management of project plans (create and modify).
  • Import of project information from MS Excel and connection to MS Project.
  • Kanban overview for smooth planning.
  • WBS view of projects and resources down to activity level.
  • GANTT planning of projects (drag and drop) with critical path management.
  • Link to to-do lists, documents and risk profiles.
  • Definition of cost and revenue principles for projects.
  • Automated calculation of completion rate based on completed activities.
  • Automated creation of projects from quotes and tenders.
  • Direct management of resource needs/Resource Planning linked to the project.
  • Basic Document Management (alternative integration with external DMS solution).

Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Flexible definition of cost elements and asset and investment types.
  • Top-down budgeting in project structures concerning time (hours/days) as well as costs.
  • Flexible definition of periods - months, quarters and years.
  • Smooth analysis of plans relative to actual performance (ongoing projects) in connection with budgeting, forecasting, and replanning.

Tracking and Controlling

  • Configurable models for Project Lifecycle Management (workflows and approvals).
  • Configurable status reports - with automatic distribution via email.
  • Automatic calculation of Key Performance Indicators (efficiency, profitability, etc).
  • Quick reporting of completion degree - Earned Value, Percentage Completion.
  • Consolidated overviews/dashboards with all essential information collected.

Risk Management

  • Configurable risk models.
  • Graphic description of risk profiles.
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