Resource Management

Hypergene Projects ensures that the right resource is allocated to the right project at the right time. Smooth and consolidated Resource Planning is a critical success factor for successful projects. Managing internal and external resources, competencies, and projects on a coherent and shared platform creates conditions for increased efficiency, better planning, levelled workload, and improved control.

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Hypergene Projects provides the business with the conditions to work effectively with the resources and competencies available to the organisation - relative to the needs of ongoing and planned projects. Project Managers, administrators, project members, and managers can easily share information about requirements and allocate resources based on competency and availability. In Hypergene Projects, both internal and external resources are managed.

Different allocation and approval models can be defined depending on the project type. A request for a resource, which can be based on a role profile or a mix of competencies, can be automatically approved given specific criteria - or go for approval by the Resource Manager or the nearest manager.

Allocate Resources, Book and Approve

  • Flexible models for allocating resources to projects (project-driven/resource-driven).
  • Allocation of resources based on competence requirements and availability.
  • Definition of workflows for requests and approvals.
  • Reservation (request/booking) of named resources or simulated resources (roles).
  • Automatic calculation of availability relative to calendars and bookings in other projects.
  • Automatic management of booking periods based on linked project activities.
  • Management of recurring bookings and absences.
  • Simulation of resource allocations.

Manage Resources and Competences

  • Management of competences and competence matrices.
  • Searching for resources based on competence.
  • Resource and utilization overview.
  • Utilization forecast, including simulations.

Manage Costs and Availability

  • Definition of calendars, availability, and absences.
  • Definition of price rules for costs and revenues (if relevant).
  • Absence overview available via Smartphone.
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