Additional Features

In addition to modules and functions for Project, Resource, and Portfolio Management, Blue Ant also provides support for Competence Management (Concerning Resources and Resource Planning), Kanban board overviews, and to-do lists (concerning projects and project plans).

Blue Ant Hypergene

Agile Planning through Kanban Board

Overviews Kanban board overviews provide a clear picture of planned activities in terms of planned, in progress, completed, and parked. Project team members can easily get an overview and detailed plan of their commitments through Kanban. The overview can serve as a home page and thus provide a basis for daily and weekly planning.

Competence Management

Competencies and skills are the most critical inputs for delivering projects. Blue Ant supports structured Competence Management through competence trees, matrices, and GAP analyses.

Competences can be defined freely, structured, and grouped - and target values can be set for each resource. This enables the organization to analyze existing competencies, easily identify competence gaps, and then work on recruiting- or hiring resources - to bridge competence gaps.

Invoicing, Time Reporting, Expense Management, and Ticket/Task Management

In addition to the above, Blue Ant supports several other functional areas. These are briefly described below.

  • Invoicing: Ability to manage invoicing (external or intercompany) for billable projects.
  • Time Reporting: Ability to report time on projects - recorded at project and activity level.
  • Expense Management: Ability to manage expenses on projects - recorded at project and activity level.
  • Ticket/Task Management: Ability to manage tickets/tasks that are reported from the organization or external parties.
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