Core platform

Hypergene’s functions use a powerful platform that forms the core of the solution with which the customer’s planning, reporting and analysis can be simplified and streamlined.

The core platform is a coherent technical innovation that not only supports the various modules but also functions as a cohesive kit for the presentation and distribution of information from all parts of the product.

Data model, calculation engine and integration

At the centre of the core is an extremely efficient model for data storage, as well as functions that allow easy integration with various data sources such as accounting and HR. The logic and calculation engine that makes Hypergene a very flexible and manageable product is also found here.

Workflow engine and role-based portals

The workflow engine is also a part of the basic platform. This allows processes and tasks to be planned, administered, implemented and supervised. Typical areas in which the workflow engine plays a central role include budget processes, periodic reports and performance management activities.

Another important element is role-based portals. These enable the right information to be presented to the right person at the right time in order to facilitate the correct analyses
and decisions.

Performance Reporting 

A central component of the basic platform is Performance Reporting. This function makes a crucial contribution to streamlining and assuring the quality of various forms of internal and external reporting – processes that historically have demanded a great deal of energy from the organisation.

The majority of organisations produce recurring reports in which data from a variety of sources is integrated with analyses carried out by key personnel throughout the organisation. These may be monthly or quarterly reports, annual financial statements and/or quality reports.

Preparing these reports generally requires the cutting and pasting of tables and charts from various systems for inclusion in the final document, often requiring reformatting of the data to achieve a uniform and correct appearance.

Documents are therefore often e-mailed back and forth within the organisation in various different versions. The process for producing these reports is time-consuming and mistakes can easily be made.

The Performance Reporting functions considerably simplify this work so that more time can be spent on analysis and less on compiling and checking figures. Performance Reporting provides a framework for our customers to create their own regular reports that maintain the same structure from one day to the next.

These can contain anything from specially written text and images such as tables, to key performance indicators and other data automatically retrieved from Hypergene’s various components.

There are a number of functions, templates and solutions to help streamline this work, ensuring results that are role-adapted, quality-assured and visually aligned with the customer’s graphic profile.

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