Reporting & Analysis

Rapid access to role-based information, as well as in-depth analysis. The application provides access to flexible and powerful tools for following up on the operations. They are compiled and visualized in great looking portals for senior executives or in a suitable format for ad hoc analysis by the expert users – based entirely on needs and prior knowledge.

Information for making the right decision

Gartner estimates that digitally stored information is increasing by 60 per cent yearly. This means that a lot of companies are doubling their data volumes every two years. The challenge is to structure the information and make it available in a way that facilitates decision-making; the right information to the right person at the right time. Analysis and reporting functionality is critical to achieving this. 

Hypergene provides users with access to analysis tools that include drill down, drill through and drill to detail, as well as sophisticated features for text processing and collaboration. The information can be distributed throughout the organization where employees are then able to refine and develop it – based on their designated roles and authorizations, of course.

The option to involve the organization transforms the tool into a business-critical information hub that is continuously evolving. Moreover, there is greater understanding of graphs and charts when users have the opportunity to add comments, thoughts and explanatory texts.

Everyone is more involved now. The managers are on board and create a business plan for their area of responsibility and can in turn engage colleagues and employees in their organisation.
Pernilla Frödén på Stena Fastigheter. Pernilla Frödén, IT Business Developer at Stena Fastigheter

Dynamic reports

Hypergene’s platform can integrate seamlessly with a variety of data sources. This enables users to produce and combine KPIs from sources within and well beyond your organization’s system flora. Hypergene provides dynamic reports that can be adapted in terms of level of structure and freedom for further analysis.

In practice, this means the ability to distribute pre-packaged reports as well as reports with advanced analysis features for those seeking a deeper understanding. The reports can also compile information from various systems and from all parts of the business. Read more about these possibilities in the section about Hypergene’s core and basic platform.

Powerful analysis, ease of use Reporting and analysis work in Hypergene is easy – whether you are a new user or an experienced one. Our entire solution is designed to be user-friendly, with a focus on efficient visualization, and it is supported by a powerful technological platform that enables rapid analysis of large data volumes.

The module for Reporting & Analysis also integrates seamlessly with Hypergene’s other modules for Strategic Management and Budgeting & Forecasting. This creates a powerful system for business intelligence and performance management, and enables the entire organization to benefit from continuous and coherent quality and improvement work.

Built in support for:

  • Dynamic reports
  • Guided analysis
  • Ad hoc analysis
  • Distributed report packages
  • Pre-saved selections
  • Charting
  • Drill down and drill through
  • Transaction display
  • Document display
  • Annotation and comment processing
  • Excel and PDF exporting


Example applications:

  • KPI analysis
  • Management reporting
  • Profitability modelling
  • Operational analysis
  • Operational monitoring
  • Project management
  • Cash flow modelling
  • Consolidation
  • Business intelligence

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