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Five steps to better decisions and more flexible management

Management is about making decisions at different levels in an organisation, and translating these decisions into actions that lead the business forward.

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What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning forms the basis for setting goals and priorities, and for ensuring that an organisation’s plans are going in the right direction. When the plans of different departments are unified and in line with the overall goals, the company has established a common direction.


How is the controller function affected by digitalization?

Professor Lukas Goretzki at the Stockholm School of Economics, is researching this question, since the controller function is certainly affected to a significant extent. ”The only constant in the controller function is change,” Goretzki says.

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What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) is an umbrella term that refers to data-driven methods and processes for improving business understanding and decision-making.

Five questions on decision support for higher education institutions

Planning to invest in a decision support system for a university or college? Here are some tips for what to think about and how to avoid common pitfalls.


A comprehensive solution or "best-of-breed" software? It depends...

Organisations often ask us about about application strategies. For example, is it smarter to choose a comprehensive solution from one supplier, or to integrate several specialised solutions from different suppliers?

Finansiell scenarioplanering via verktyg

Financial scenario planning and the budget process

In a fast-changing business environment, companies and organizations need to be able to quickly monitor their financial situation and make changes in their plans going forward.