Human Resources

Hypergene HR gives managers and decision-makers easy access to relevant data from HR systems – with the convenience of a single tool and interface. Information is presented on a consolidated basis, ensuring rapid answers to questions. Time previously spent on researching and compiling information can instead be focused on activities that drive operations forward.

Easy access to HR information

This application provides rapid information on HR costs, man-hours, staff turnover, sickness absence and pension forecasting. An overall view of information for each staff member is provided prior to salary reviews and appraisal interviews, enhancing efficiency and quality.

All information is presented in one place, eliminating the need to log into multiple systems to access the required information.

Preinstalled integration

Hypergene features built-in, quality-assured integration with the HR systems most commonly used in public authorities, such as Primula, Heroma and Agresso, making project implementation faster and easier.

Computing KPIs

The application computes relevant KPIs based on information from the HR system and accounting system, which saves significant time and assures the quality of modelling. KPIs are then presented in appropriate portals and reports.

Role-specific information

Information associated with each user’s area of responsibility and roles is displayed immediately, without the need for additional selections.

Displays from aggregated information give a complete overview, but you can also drill down into details with just a few clicks. If unusual events are discovered, you can get to the underlying cause quickly.

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