Hypergene Quality & Reporting

This application helps facilitate working with an array of useful functionality that can be installed independently, and combined with other components of Hypergene KOMMUN.

Municipal performance management involves various types of reporting and systematic quality work.

Quality & Reporting facilitates this process through an array of useful functionality that can be installed independently and combined with other components of Hypergene Municipality. New functionality is in continuous development.


Some current functionality:

  • Functionality for regular performance reporting supports the setup of monthly reporting and supporting data for interim and annual financial reports. The function streamlines and improves the quality of the whole reporting process.
  • Support functions for systematic quality work enable effective process set-ups for planning, monitoring and analysis of quality work. Applied in a raft of different operational segments, such as education and social services.
  • Linking KPIs to Kolada, and getting automatic access to other municipalities’ results. This functionality enables comparisons and automatic downloads of the municipality’s historical actuals.
  • Very powerful functionality for analyzing municipal performance compared to the whole country or comparable municipalities.
  • Survey processing effectively processes the results of a municipality’s various surveys and presents results understandably. Survey responses can be transformed into KPIs to be fed into performance management, reporting and comparisons.
  • Population statistics makes information on population growth in various parts of the municipality available for all users of Hypergene KOMMUN, including estimated future growth. This information is valuable for dimensioning and planning municipal services.
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