Hypergene Citizen Portal

The Citizen Portal is a web-based benchmarking service for municipal clients and the public as its target group.

Hypergene logotype municipality Citizen Portal

The Citizen Portal enables a municipality’s residents to find and compare alternatives in schools, health and social care. Everything is delivered on the municipality’s website, where what is often complex and impenetrable information is presented via an intuitive interface.

Conscious and well-founded choices for residents.

To enable municipal citizens to make conscious and well-informed choices, they need information that is available and easy to use—the principle that Hypergene is founded on, and made its key competitive advantage, as well as its installation simplicity for municipalities. The Citizen Portal makes it easy for the public to take conscious and well-founded decisions regarding a municipality’s most important offerings:

  • Children and education, such as preschools, compulsory schooling and senior high schools.
  • Care for older people, such as home care, health and social care housing.
  • Care for people with disabilities, such as sheltered housing, and day-to-day operations.

Making municipal info available

The Citizen Portal also makes it easy to publish and maintain information municipality-wide in a readily understood manner. This might be population statistics, tax rates or new business start-ups. Hypergene Citizen Portal also uploads national surveys conducted by bodies such as Statistics Sweden and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, which is very straightforward as a result of integration with Kolada and preinstalled configurations. Publishing benchmark information with other municipalities is very straightforward, such as:

  • Critical municipal KPIs
  • KKiK—the municipal quality review
  • Statistics Sweden’s’ public surveys

Easy to install and manage

The solution is easy to get started with and manage for municipalities. If the municipality is already a Hypergene client, integration with any existing solution is rapid, which means the values of all KPIs will be automatically captured. Otherwise, data is input manually through a user-friendly interface or data import. Integration with Kolada makes continuous updates very simple.