Hybrid Organizations

Our client base includes several membership organizations and study associations—organizations with multiple stakeholders, whose operations are based on a fundamental concept that have to be conducted in competitive marketplaces.

Long-term control and management is important to such organizations, often based on several-year policy decisions taken by conferences or shareholders’ meetings.

Long-term objectives also need to be broken down into day-to-day operational planning that clearly links targets to activities—and preferably, brings targets, activities and budgeting into a single entity that can serve as the basis of planning, and can be followed up.

There are often other operational components to manage apart from core business, such as real estate, financial holdings and various types of revenue stream.

Overall, procuring an integrated product for performance management offers substantial value. Hypergene enables these organizations to plan, manage and follow up on operations in a way that supports long-term policy decisions and daily monitoring.

When navigating your organisation in a changing environment towards defined goals decision-making needs to be fast, accurate and decentralised. Planning needs to be agile, connected and dynamic, to optimise the use of resources available.

  • Your solution needs to ensure integrated and efficient performance management – supporting agile planning, reporting and business insight in a changing world.
  • Enable fast and accurate planning and empowered analysis – track performance in reference to goals and objectives, draw scenarios and advice the leadership team.
  • Value-adding and business critical guidance from your data.
  • Dynamic planning processes and driver-based models to capture information quickly and easily.
  • Ability to track deviations and planning for the unexpected using scenario analysis.
  • Help decision makers understand and interpret trends, deviations and advise on decision-making.
  • Self-service and analytical flexibility is key. You need to be able to play with your data.
  • Analyze information ad-hoc, add analytical content and share reports on demand.
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