Processing and planning support for Higher Educational institutions

Several universities and institutes of higher education have already decided to enhance their performance management with Hypergene.

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The solution helps decision-makers organization wide get a collective overview of operations quickly. Financial, KPI, targets and business plans are presented in a web portal. This information can then be analyzed and monitored at overall or detail levels.

A competent platform

The platform and various applications of business intelligence enable the implementation of systems support for a defined process and constituent components. If and when the need arises, the solution can then be extended to cover more applications, simultaneous with each application being progressively enhanced and customized to fit the organization’s specific needs.

Our brochure presents the functionality we have developed to support higher educational institutions in more detail. Download brochure (PDF)

This support makes information accessible, and in a single solution, integrates processes relating to:

  • Reporting & analysis
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Strategic planning, KPIs and performance management