Hypergene Finance enables efficient financial control and facilitates performance reporting for the whole public authority. It satisfies the needs of controllers centrally and staff at different management levels of a public authority. A single portal offers users a clear overview of financial controls for their part of the public authority. Information is presented graphically in various illustrations, and in more detail in tables.

Logotype Hypergene Central Government - Finance

A single truth

Everyone involved gets access to the same numbers, and analyzing complex relationships is easy, even for infrequent users. Accessible and understandable presentations mean less time is spent on compiling supporting data, with more time for analyzing information and understanding underlying causes instead. Actuals can be compared to budget, forecast, previous year or other comparable data. All accounting data can be twisted and turned in all dimensions—by for example operating area or project.

Turnkey functionality

The application contains an understandable P&L statement with an array of options for presenting information. It is also possible to drill down right to single transactions and scanned invoices. Other preinstalled functionality includes investment monitoring and Balance Sheets report.

Computing KPIs

Hypergene Finacials automatically computes most relevant KPIs based on information from the accounting system, which saves a lot of time. KPIs can then be presented in appropriate portals and reports, and reported back to principals. Hypergene’s integration with the most common accounting systems used in public authorities, such as Agresso, is pre-installed.

Easily accessible and expandable

The application presents financial information simply, and close to operations, which means that non-accountants feel comfortable. Accordingly, managers can easily produce all the financial data necessary. Hypergene Financials can be extended with customized  analysis if required—in other words, there are no lock-ins.