Budgeting & Forecasting

The budgeting and forecasting process is a critical instrument for managing the operations of a public authority efficiently. Hypergene Budgeting & Forecasting adapts to planning setups within a public authority and is readily configured to different models. Calculation and consolidation of all components is automated, and accordingly, the solution generates quality enhancing support at all points, and significant time savings in the budgeting and forecasting process. All the time freed up in the budgeting process can be used for operational development instead.

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Clear process

The process of the Budgeting & Forecasting application starts from managing frameworks and allocating funding. Then, each unit budgets its operations. Finally, the shared costs in total budgets are reconciled and fine-tuned. The application allocates the responsibility for various steps clearly, and verifies which parts have been completed. This provides accurate control of how the budget process is progressing. An updated total budget is also always available for verification and reconciliation.

Pre-configured functionality

The application has pre-configured functionality and process support for allocating funding, budgeting staffing , budgeting new investments and capital expenditure, budgeting account revenue/expenses, resource-allocated revenues and allocation of central costs. It also manages multi-year budgeting. Clients can decide to implement the functionality stepwise or take an overall grasp of the complete budgeting and forecasting process from day one.

Experience of central government budgeting

Hypergene’s operational consultants possess long-term practical experience of central government financial planning. They can provide supporting knowledge and advice on the advantages and disadvantages of various budgeting models, how to streamline the complete budgeting process, how to create a close connection between performance management and financial planning, or how to improve forecast precision using the Budgeting & Forecasting application.