Our customer promise: Enabling better performance

We summarize our customer promise with "Enabling better performance". By this we mean that our customers will get the right prerequisites to manage their business and achieve a new, higher level of performance and efficiency. Our product and services are based on ten fundamental beliefs about what is required of a vendor like us. Our beliefs are based on listening actively to our clients and forward-looking development work. Learn more about how we are there for our customers.

#1 Results-oriented
Do you need to turn your decisions into action? Hypergene helps decisions to be realized, lead to actual results and not get stuck in the minutes of your meetings. Hypergene also supports analyzing and monitoring the effects of decisions taken.

#2 Insightful
Do you agree that knowledge enables better decision-making? Hypergene increases insight and understanding of your operations by making all your organization’s KPIs and targets visible. The whole organization can help promote information quality by backing up figures with notes and comments.

#3 Simplicity
Do you want to take better decisions? Hypergene is a business intelligence implementation that’s easy to understand and use. Your learning curve should be a short as possible, and the same applies to implementation, which is fast, because of the system’s innovative basic structure and pre-installed applications.

#4 Committed
What are the distinguishing features of a vendor that’s passionate about your decision-making process? Hypergene is delivered on a professional, committed and long-term perspective—with the constant focus on the client. Hypergene assumes responsibility for quality and monitoring, and as a vendor, always communicates promptly and clearly.

#5 Collaborative
Can greater collaboration help you achieve your targets? The solution from Hypergene includes and engages your people, helping them interact and understand their roles in the complete picture. The system is also an integrated, complete solution for accounting and performance management, where everyone’s efforts reinforce each other.

#6 Customer-oriented
What makes us a provider that puts you and your operations first? The in-depth accounting and performance management competence of our professionals, combined with their understanding of the client’s needs and challenges, forms the basis for customizing Hypergene for each client. We deliver pre-installed applications as the foundation of rapid implementation. 

#7 Future proof
What does business intelligence that helps you grow and develop mean? Hypergene builds on a powerful and innovative platform that enables high performance and scalability. The system was created for step-wise implementation, and evolves with the client.

#8 Inspirational
Do you want to bring new perspectives to your accounting and performance management? Hypergene employs many of the most competent business intelligence consultants on the market. We challenge, inspire and propose new ways to manage and operate. We also actively encourage open dialogue between our clients, so they can learn from each other.

#9 Effective
How can our business intelligence optimize your resources? Hypergene enables more effective processes and frees up time that can be used for your core business. The solution is adaptable and cost-efficient, with simple management and low license fees.

#10 Guidance
Is it important to take decisions based on the right information? Hypergene gets reliable and mission-critical information to the people that need it. The result is more accurate decisions and getting to your strategic targets faster.